In re: Yapstone Data Breach

Claim Form

You may submit this Claim Form only if you received a notice with a Claim Number which identified you as a Redemption Claimant.

Redemption Claimant is a person entitled to make a Claim under this Settlement. You are a Redemption Claimant if you were sent an Incident Notice and your social security number, driver’s license number, and/or passport number was among the personally identifiable information potentially exposed in the Incident, and you did not sign up for the two-year complimentary credit protection and fraud resolution offer provided by Yapstone in the Incident Notice. You are only a Redemption Claimant, and able to submit this Claim Form, if you were sent Notice that Yapstone’s records indicate you are a Redemption Claimant.

The deadline to submit this form is October 10, 2017.