Aspen Group Resources Securities Class Action

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Include a Filer Name only if you are filing on behalf of another individual or corporation – ie. your name does not match the Security Holder above
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Claimant Mailing Information
Endeavour Securities

Proof of your tendered securities must be submitted with your claim

Aspen Securities

The claim made above in respect of Endeavour securities tendered, if approved, will entitle you to compensation. Additional compensation may be available if you have information and supporting documentation about the Aspen common shares you received in the take-over, which were sold or held at a loss. Submitting information in respect of your Aspen common shares is not mandatory but may entitled you to additional compensation. Would you like to make a claim in respect of Aspen common shares sold or held at a loss?

Would you like to make a claim in respect of Aspen common shares held at a loss?

Upload Proof Of Transactions

Maximum file size: 5 mb

Allowed file types: .pdf

The Distribution Protocol provides options and flexibility in respect of the proof required from claimants. If you have questions or concerns about proof (ex. if you believe you have a claim, but no longer have complete transaction records), you are encouraged to Contact Us.

Please attach proof respecting your Endeavour Securities. Such proof must satisfy the Claims Administrator of the number of Endeavour Securities tendered.

If you are unable to provide your supporting documentation electronically, or if you experience any issues with the document upload, you will be contacted with further instructions on how to submit your documents.

  1. I (we) declare that the information on this Claim Form is true, correct and complete to the best of my (our) knowledge, information and belief.
  2. I (we) declare that I (we) have disclosed all of my (our) holdings and purchase and sales transactions in shares for the time periods required by this Claim Form.
  3. I (we) also delcare that I (we) am (are) not an Excluded Person(s) or Opt-Out Party as these terms are defined in the Settlement Agreement.
  4. I (we) acknowledge and agree that the Claims Administrator may disclose all information relating to my (our) claim to the Courts and counsel to the parties in the Actions, as may be necessary.

I (We) declare that all of the foregoing information supplied by the undersigned is true and correct.